Five ways to improve your fashion {0}

The only thing consistent in life is change, and fashion reflects life. The ever-evolving trends of what people are wearing tell stories and create identities. Clothing is more than what we wear, it is how we present ourselves to the world. Take a look at what is already in your closet. You may be able to make some creative adjustments to outfits you already have to improve your fashion and tell a new story.
Improve fashion

Bring Some Night Into The Light.
Everyone talks about turning day-time looks into night-time looks. There are ways of wearing tasteful night-time elements during the day. Not by sporting your tightest party outfit to the office, but by dressing with the same confidence. Trade your flats and slacks for a skirt and a pair of heels (bring some flat shoes in your bag just in case.) Or wear a tailored button up shirt with a jacket. You feel different when you wear dressier clothing, which may change how you work.

Accessorize With The Seasons
As seasons change so do the accessory options. Stores usually start to display fashions a season early. So as winter turns to spring chose lighter colors and fabrics over richer textures. Seek out the most flattering sunglasses and sandals in the summer, and jewel toned scarves and boots in the fall. Keep it simple, pick one focus accessory and let it make a statement. Too many accessories can send a message that you need work in the editing department.

Classic Basics with a Splash of Color
You can’t go wrong with clean lines and solid colors. Black, grey, and navy look good on everyone, but can get boring. Stick to basics for the foundation of the outfit, but choose a pop of color to add to your look. The contrast of one bright color against dark tones makes it stand out to those around you. Try a brightly colored shoe or pair of socks. If the pop of color makes you happy it was a success.

Shop From Home
Shopping has also evolved over the years. Shopping on-line can be overwhelming. There are companies now that ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your fashion tastes and wardrobe-needs. They then ship a selection of outfits and accessories to your home, you pick what you like, and send back the rest. Return postage is usually included and you only pay for what you keep

Grooming & Makeup
Once your clothes are put together it’s time to get grooming. Talk to your stylist or barber about hair cuts that flatter your facial features, and how to use styling product if it is acting unruly. The same goes for facial hair, from beards to eyebrows. Comb eyebrows up and back towards the hair line with a clean toothbrush or mascara wand for an instant eye opener. A little eye cream or concealer (yes, even for men) can brighten up any darkness under the eyes that make you look tired.

Fashion is a direct reflection of your tastes and preferences. There are endless ways to improve your look, so
have fun and love how you look. Confidence never goes out of style.